I have interacted with the promoters of Xylem. As start up entrepreneurs of 21st century's new model enterprise, they have demonstrated vision, dedication, perseverance, commitment, professionalism and tremendous foresight.

They deliver world class quality work at competitive prices. They take pride in their work and will work long hours to meet time lines. Their integrity is impeccable and I feel totally at ease by leaving all our transactional, accounting and financial systems in their safe hands.

Additionally they do project preparations for us and these are high quality which our stakeholders find through and professional with straight acceptance.

I commend Xylem-Solutions to those who are looking for high quality professional transactional, accounting, financial, project services at competitive prices.

Mehmood Khan
Promotor MMDPL, RKKT
Global Leader of Innovation PD Unilever PLC

It was a pleasure working with Xylem Solutions.

They were very professional implementing the Project effectively and efficiently. They asked detailed questions to understand the basis of the Project to ensure it was done completely and in a smooth manner.

We look forward to working with them again, and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs such expertise in the area of Finance and Accounting.

Hasan Rizvi
Merck Pharmaceutical
Members of

At Xylem, we do more.

Xylem is the outsourcing and technology company that helps you do more. We are determined to take people and organisations to new levels. Our mission is to go the extra mile, to do more, to work bigger, better, faster and smarter.

We're specialists in the jobs that divert you. We make lasting improvements so you can do more for your customers - working better, bigger, faster, cheaper, smarter. Sometimes we just advise. Sometimes we implement. Sometimes we run entire business processes. And we harness technology so you can fly, freeing your time and money for what you do best.

We do more to achieve true partnerships. It's not just about going the extra mile - of course we do that. It's about tailoring everything we do. Xylem offers robust solutions, but no "one size fits all". We focus on what we do best.

You get genuine accountability because we know it's your business not ours. We're in it together and we share the risk. Together, we set the terms of our relationship so your outcome is guaranteed and you get an excellent return on investment.

We do more to keep you one step ahead, maybe more. We are constantly striving to be the best at what we do, so you can be the best at what you do. It's about big leaps and tiny victories, a million small things done well. We assure you world class standards and beyond, with the sort of wide-angled vision and pioneering mindset that breaks records and moves boundaries.

Because Xylem people do more. We understand that it's not just about technology - it's people that make the difference. This means more listening and talking time, to understand. More honest talk; More inventing, and exploring. More colour, more excitement, more possibilities. We do more with our time so you can do more with yours.

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