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What is Outsourcing - A Powerful Tool for Business Growth

Knowledge no longer has to be homegrown. It can be contracted for. Outsourcing is a management tool for redefining and re-energizing the organization. It challenges companies to think beyond the vertically integrated organization in favour of a more flexible organization, structured around core competencies and long-term outside relationships - in other words, the virtual enterprise. Helping create a new era of productivity, profitability and competitive advantage, outsourcing helps companies focus on their core business by assuming some or all of its non-core functions.

Large organisations & SME's, Fortune 500 industrials, individuals with only an idea or a dream and high-tech start-ups have turned to outsourcing, to help grow their businesses. From accounting to tax, from real estate services to recruiting, outsourcing is projected to be a $300 billion business by the millennium. Today, virtually 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies source non-core functions while 83 percent of the fastest growing companies in USA source in-house cost centres.

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