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Why Outsource?
  • Freedom to focus on core Business process
  • Continuously improve performance and dramatically reduce costs
  • Flexibility to change pace
The effective and efficient use of manpower is a major element for achieving success. Over the period more & more organisations have realised that investing in and maintaining large-scale, in-house departments that divert you, may not make sense. Relying upon us to supply critical support services will leave you free to do more with your business without the necessity of investing in infrastructure.

The bottom line: You concentrate on your core competency. We'll devote all of our energies and resources to providing your non-core functions - efficiently and cost effectively.

Further, in order to run a business efficiently, you need each of your resources to be as productive as possible. That is why Xylem offers "one-stop shopping" for business and financial consulting services. We will have a solution that is right for you; one that has worked for countless companies; time-tested and proven to achieve results, yet will be tailored to your particular and peculiar needs.

We offer comprehensive end-to-end Finance and Accounting outsourced services, that can be selected in full or part. Our services include Accounting and Business Support, Financial Planning Services and Reporting Services. This can all be backed up by Help Desk support, Finance Systems expertise and Shared Services Management capability.

Outsourcing Pays

In weighing the benefits and costs associated with outsourcing, you may want to consider the reasons companies commonly cite for outsourcing non-core functions and the benefits they expect to receive, as reported by The Outsourcing Institute:

Improve Company Focus: Outsourcing allows the company to focus on its core activities while an outside provider handles support services. It can enable an organization to accelerate its growth and success through expanded investment in areas offering the greatest competitive advantage.

Gain Access to World-Class Capabilities: Outsourcing means specialization. Outsourcing providers can bring in worldwide, world-class capabilities. Just as their clients are outsourcing to improve their focus, vendors have honed their skills at providing the services in which they specialize; outsourcing is their core business.

Accelerate Re-engineering Benefits: It allows a company to immediately realize the benefits of re-engineering by outsourcing support functions to an organization than can immediately guarantee the improvements offered by re-engineering.

Reduce and Control Operating Costs: Access to the lower cost structure of an outside provider may result in greater economy of scale and is one of the most compelling tactical reasons for outsourcing.

Resources Not Available Internally: Companies outsource because  they  do  not  have  access  to  the

required resources within the company and they don't want to build these resources from the  ground up. A major reorganization may have divested the company of the resource; a subsidiary may have been spun off, etc. Similarly, rapid growth is a strong indicator that outsourcing may be right.

Share Risks: Outsourcing providers make investments not on behalf of just one company, but on behalf of many clients and eliminate the necessity of investment by the company.

Free Resources for Other Purposes: Outsourcing permits an organization to redirect its resources from non-core activities, or at least the staff slots they represent, into greater value-adding activities.

Make Capital Funds Available: By outsourcing, the company reduces the need to invest capital funds in non-core functions, making capital funds more available for core functions. It can also improve certain financial ratios by eliminating the need to show return on equity from capital investments in non-core areas.

Function Difficult to Manage or Out of Control: Outsourcing cannot solve this problem and should not be asked to do so.

The Question is Not Whether to Outsource But What to Outsource

While you may agree that it makes sense to outsource, you now have to consider what functions to outsource. The answer is simple "Do what you do best, outsource the rest".

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